Internet Radios

You do not need to sit in front of your computer to hear Catholic Radio!  We offer links to a variety of exciting new Internet Radios. 

There are several small transmitter devices commercially available that connect directly to your computer. These then broadcast the internet radio signal and allow you to listen to Catholic Radio on any radio in your house.  These include:

 The “FM-Transmitter” from C.Crane.  Small, inexpensive transmitter that connects to your PC.

 SonoWave from Merconnet.   Connects to your computer and lets you play Catholic Radio broadcasts on any radio in your house!

The “WebRadio” from Solutions Radio does not even require you to own a computer!  This device is connected to the Internet, but does not require the use of a PC! The WebRadio is designed to be easy to use by those who are not familiar with computers including seniors and shut-ins. The Webradio has an on-off switch, a volume knob and 2 buttons to select stations. This radio is a great success in the Europe. No computer, PC skills or special installation is necessary. 

 The Portable Internet Radio from TorianWireless is expected to be available later this year. This unique pocket-sized, award-winning device promises to allow users to listen to Internet Radio Stations via any WIFI connection – without a computer. More and more cities, communities, merchants and offices are providing free WIFI connections. This would allow you to listen to Catholic Radio anywhere in the world where you find a WIFI “hotspot!”

You can order Reciva internet radios at It comes loaded with over 5000+ stations. New stations are downloaded daily. You can submit new stations you wish to be added at

 At you can have POD casts sent directly to your radio by registering your radio on the site.

Radio Roku is another source for internet radio devices.

Connect with Catholic Radio and Catholic New Media by downloading the free toolbar at: Critical news stories like this from a host of Catholic news sources appear immediately on the CatholicRadioToolbar news ticker.


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