Cardinal Roderick? The Driving Force Behind SQPN Meets Benedict!

In this episode of The Catholic Weekend Fr. Roderick describes his recent meeting with the Pope!  Fr. Roderick was a featured speaker at a recent meeting in Rome for literally thousands of folks involved in Catholic New Media…

Benedict’s newly announced Vatican department for the Re-Evangelization of Western Civilization could have no better leader than the Rod-Father!

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Rosary Army Video Podcast #3 – Ultimate Taco Party!

Godspeed! Fr. Roderick in Chapel of Bones, Évora, Portugal

In this episode of Godspeed, Fr. Roderick visits Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We explore the Saint Francis Church (Igreja de São Francisco) and the Chapel of Bones (Capela dos Ossos), totally covered with human bones! Download high-quality versions of these videos for free by subscribing to the feed:

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Father MP3

Ever wonder what Catholic mysteries are found in movies like Star Wars, books like Harry Potter or even highly rated series like Lost? Well, Father Roderick Vonhögen can sweep away all your doubts.

Greg and Jennifer of Rosary Army and SQPN Make the Move to Sirius!

Greg Willits and his wife Jennifer of and COO of Fr. Roderick’s SQPN network announce that they are making the move to Sirius Satelite Radio:  Rosary Army Podcast  Fr. Roderick’s Daily Breakfast 514