Greg and Jennifer of Rosary Army and SQPN Make the Move to Sirius!

Greg Willits and his wife Jennifer of and COO of Fr. Roderick’s SQPN network announce that they are making the move to Sirius Satelite Radio:  Rosary Army Podcast  Fr. Roderick’s Daily Breakfast 514


Catholic Reluctantly

Book for teen Catholics – about their adventures at “John Paul 2 High School!”. The author was interviewed on SQPN’s Catholic Moment’s Show #55. The show is hosted by’s Lisa Hendey.

Father Roderick – the driving force behind the exciting network has a new website –  He mentioned in a recent Daily Breakfast podcast that he put it together because of the increasing requests from reporters about his bio and background. 

Catholic Radio Weekly

The Catholic Radio Weekly is the flagship show of the Catholic Communications Campaign of the US Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB.)  The program informs people about the good works of the Church around the country. Hosts Johnny Holiday and Carole Lehan and guests discuss major issues, meet with prominent Catholics from the worlds of entertainment, sports and literature. The program also includes discussion and reviews of television shows and movies.

SQPN – “Leading the Way in Catholic New Media”

New Podcast Link Library at!

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Here Comes the JPII Generation!

Check out these two priests from the JPII generation!

The first is Fr. Leo:

Grace Before Meals is a new show coming to PBS. Fr. Leo is a former competitive break-dancer and champion of Tae Kwon Do. The show is described as: “Grace Before Meals is a new television show coming to PBS dedicated to bringing families back to the table. Host Father Leo Patalinghug brings people from all walks of life into the kitchen to share his insights on cooking and strengthening relationships. Whether they’re at a crossroads or have cause for celebration. Grace Before Meals creates fun and informative opportunities for people to feed themselves – body, mind and soul.”

Almost make me want to plug my TV back in… almost.

The other JPII priest is Fr. Roderick:

He is the driving force behind the Starquest Podcast Network. SQPN bills itself as “The Best in Catholic Podcasting.” He does the hugely popular podcasts and now does a daily “Daily Breakfast” podcast at SQPN. His walking audio tours of Rome and the Vatican at Catholic Insider are fantastic. He is fun, hip and an admitted computer geek who is a big fan of Star Trek, Dr. Who, Lord of the Rings and the Simpsons. Not many morning shows can provide Fr. Roderick’s mix of humor, Catholic thought with the latest about Star Trek, Star Wars, and even Latin translation! Fr. Roderick got into the web when the Star Wars Prequels were being made. His site: was a collection of info, rumors about the coming prequels. At that time it was the most popular Star Wars fan site on the net. The unique thing about his site is that he kept track of all the rumors and info about the coming movies and created timline of what he thought the stories would be. This was complete with graphics. His guesses proved to be remarkably accurate! He just posted a new podcast about the new Lord of the Rings Online game…