“With those who hate we should always be peaceful”

CNA reports that Benedict XVI held up twelfth-century Abbot of Cluny Peter the Venerable as an example for all Christians:

he explained to the 20,000 pilgrims, “constituted the ideal of a monk, but also of every Christian who wants to become a true disciple of Christ” in today’s fast-paced world.

Born in 1094 in Auvergne, France, Peter the Venerable was elected as Abbot of Cluny in 1122. Peter,  the Pope said, “found himself having to guide Cluny in years that were far from peaceful for internal and external reasons.”

Despite his pressing responsibilities and frequent travels in the service of the Church, Peter maintained a contemplative spirit, deep inner tranquility, rigorous asceticism and a capacity for warm friendships.

“Those who knew him exalted his righteousness, loyalty, elegance and special ability to mediate,” the Holy Father recalled. The abbot was “ascetic and strict with himself and understanding with others.”

Pope Benedict also recounted some of the monk’s sayings, such as, “more can be obtained from man through tolerance than complaint” and “With those who hate we should always be peaceful.”


Where were you April 19, 2005?

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The Pope now has his own YouTube Channel!  He had these comments about this new media:

I think that the purpose of a communications tool like this one is to help build up a large family that knows no borders. One in which, with its variety of cultures and languages, all people are brothers and sisters. In this way they represent a force for peace. My wish to all those who are listening to me right now is that they may feel truly involved in this great dialogue of truth. As we know, in the world of communications, contrasting voices make themselves heard as well. Thats why its all the more important that this voice exists, a voice that really puts itself at the service of the truth, of Christ, and thus serves peace and reconciliation in the world

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Pope sees vital role for Catholic broadcasters

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