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Are you involved in Catholic Media? Host a Catholic podcast? Work with a Catholic Radio Station? Just a big fan?

Are you starting a Catholic media apostolate? Why not share your experiences. Become a Blogger and add your comments to our site! is looking for Bloggers, Editors and Reporters. Are you a big fan of Catholic media? In these vounteer positions you will report on the latest happenings in Catholic Media, work to compile and build our database of Catholic radio stations, Catholic media organizations, Catholic program providers, Catholic podcasters, etc. Help us spread the Word!

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God Bless!


13 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Nancy Jensen Says:

    Please update your records for Relevant Radio. In Chicago, IL Relevant Radio now broadcasts on 950 AM not 820 AM. Many thanks. If you have questions, pleasea contact me by email or at 920-406-7338. God bless.

    Nancy Jensen
    Senior Director – Marketing and Communications

  2. Gary Gersin Says:

    Walking on Water Radio will be having the first on air pledge drive August 11th – August 15th 2008.

    Walking on Water Radio 1360 AM serves Northeast Ohio and Northwest Pennsylvania.

    This is a critical time for Walking on Water Radio as the economy in the listening area has been hit hard by unemployment, foreclosures and the area statistics are much higher than the national average.

    Anything you can do to help WWOW would be greatly appreciated! Prayers, Advice or gifts we are open to everything.

    God bless!

  3. Paul Says:

    Thanks for the update. Our prayers are with you as you plan for your pledge drive.

    Do you have a link for donating directly online? If so – we can add this to the list of “donate” links on the page.

    Also – if you or any of the WWOW team would like to contribute articles or blogs to – I can gladly set you up with rights.

    This could be press releases, program notes, background or history of WWOW, etc – any info that is related to Catholic Radio. Contact us at: domer2x [AT}

    God Bless!

  4. Arthur Navarro Says:

    Earlier today I heard information for a St. Joseph Novena

    How can I recieve a copy of this special novena?

    God Bless

    Arthur navarro

  5. Steve Moffitt Says:

    Looking for more information about this sight. I worked for several years in Catholic Radio and am wondering what’s new. When I started in Catholic Radio in 1998 there were 7 full time stations and maybe 40 people actively employed in it. I’ve been out for 5 years now and am wondering how CR is doing? This sight looks very interesting.

  6. Mary Grace Bator Says:

    How does our parish broadcast parish events on Relevant Radio?

  7. Mary Grace Bator Says:

    Hoe does our parish broadcast an event on Relevant Radio?

  8. Jim Manfredonia Says:

    Our apostolate, Domestic Church Media, is now operating New Jersey’s first full-time Catholic radio station, WFJS 1260 AM in Trenton. We stream LIVE 24/7 and also offer our local programs, “Come To Me” and “Catholic Music History” for download and podcasting.

  9. Manjit Singh Says:


    I am a Sikh living in California and would like to know why my fellow Catholic American friends in Oregon and elsewhere haven’t protested against this law called Oregon Workplace Religious Freedom Act (WRFA) about banning teachers in schools from wearing religiously mandated clothing in schools, especially when this law was originally enacted against Catholics by Ku Klux Klan in 1922. This law is a really step backward for America and affects Oregon Sikh community since Sikhs are requirted to wear Turbans as part of our faith. I urge that Catholics speak up against this especially given the dark history of the law as follows:

    Oregon’s teacher garb law was enacted nearly a century ago by sympathizers of the Ku Klux Klan for the purpose of suppressing Catholics. According to The Oregon Bluebook, an official publication of the State of Oregon about its own history:

    “The Ku Klux Klan enjoyed a warm reception from many Oregon communities in the 1920s as Catholics and minorities suffered both blatant and subtle bigotry. The Klan, FOPS, and Scottish Rite Masons sponsored a bill, passed in 1922 in the general election, to compel all children to attend public schools. The overtly anti-Catholic measure threatened to close all parochial schools and military academies … The legislature also passed a law forbidding wearing of sectarian clothing, namely priestly vestments or nuns’ habits, in classrooms.”

  10. Ben Smith Says:


    I am an orthodox Catholic residing in Virginia. I am also a 30 year veteran of the radio broadcasting industry having built two radio stations in Central New York. Although the radio stations were Rock in format Christ is still and will always be on my mind. You see, I became disillusioned and disappointed by the trends in the media toward sensationalism, violence, and liberal bias. After losing XM Channel 76 because of the Sirius/XM merger I decided in my mind to leave the secular media to help families and other concerned citizens engage the culture. I would be happy to be part of Washington DC’s task of presenting a radio station for our Nations Capitol. The passion I have for music is still there but the passion that employees posses at Catholic Radio stations feels like something that can and will grow for me as a lifetime task. I need to make you aware that although it may be nice to be back in secular Radio, it is no longer the area in which I would like to continue. I truly believe it is Christ directing me to become a spokesperson for Catholic Radio and the Christian Culture. My family, Christian friends from all denominations and people I’ve known and will know throughout the world will see that I’ve always been Catholic but now living a Christian Catholic lifestyle with my other love, radio. Combining Radio and Religion would make me the happiest person in the whole-wide world. It would be a valuable position because it’s more than work for me, it’s a passion.
    At XM Radio I took the blueprint for a challenging new concept and executed it flawless. I would value the job and be very happy working with those in your company as we are continuing on to excellence. I’m ready for the transition to non-secular radio in a world I love.
    Ben Smith

  11. Trooper Keeton Says:

    Just finished a Catholic music album entitled, “Be Not Afraid”. Would like to sent it out for possible play on the air. Need a physical address or two. Please and thanks, Trooper Keeton

  12. Nevada Carson Says:

    I would describe Trooper Keeton’s music as heavenly divine, sparking the sole, and awakening all the senses! The blend of operatic and symphonic styles expressing the passion of Christ, is extraordinarily refreshing to my spirit. It’s timeless complexity is a seemingly growing lost art.
    N Carson
    Colorado Springs, Co

  13. NORA MANCUSO Says:

    I listened to a program yesterday 7/31/10 at about 11amMST 7/31/10 in Salt Lake City and had to go in for an appointment and could not listen to the whole thing. it was a Catholic Priest speaking about how we should be looking at our death. Never got his name, but I am extremely interested in hearing it from start to finish. Can I buy a copy of it or are you going to run it again????? Thank you for your consideration. Nora

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