“You take one of my cows, and I’ll take two of yours”

ReliefWeb reports:

“You take one of my cows, and I’ll take two of yours.”In Southern Sudan, this way of solving problems is much too common. Although Sudan’s 22-year second civil war ended in 2005, many people still turn to violence when disputes arise. The Catholic Church believes it’s time for this to change.

“Sudan has been undergoing 50 years of conflict,” says Sister Cecilia Sierra Salcido, a Comboni Missionary sister and director of Radio Bakhita. Sister Cecilia says this has caused many people to believe that retribution is good and that killing out of revenge is justified. “It’s good to challenge this worldview and invite people to understand the world in different ways.”

Beating the Drums for Peace

In February 2010, the Sudan Catholic Radio Network began Beat the Drums for Peace. This radio project—part of Catholic Relief Services’ $4-million initiative to support peace in Sudan—consists of 3-to-5-minute programs that share messages of peace and ways to peacefully resolve conflicts.

Between February and April, the project developed 10 messages about trust, peace, justice and individual responsibility. Radio Bakhita in the southern capital of Juba produces the messages in English. The station then works with six other Catholic stations to translate the messages into 10 languages, including variations of Arabic, Dinka, Nuer and Hausa.

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