Free Custom Toolbar for your Catholic Organization

We’ll help your Catholic business or organization stay connected by building a free custom toolbar just for you!  Perfect for parishes, businesses, schools, clubs, non-profits, radio stations and more. Your Toolbar can be similar to the Catholic Radio Toolbar downloadable at

You’ll get a powerful tool for keeping your group connected. Features can include a news ticker, radio player, podcast player, RSS reader, hot links, Twitter and Facebook connections, chat, instant message, games, weather, TV, email notifier, links to pages on your website as well as your own cusom applications. You will get a unique URL where your group or business can download your free toolbar!  We’ll build it for free.. you stay connected with your group!

We can also provide custom logos and custom-built websites using the powerful Joomla content-management system

Contact us at:

Connect with Catholic Radio and Catholic New Media by downloading the free toolbar at: Critical news stories like this from a host of Catholic news sources along with newly-posted Catholic Podcasts appear immediately on the CatholicRadioToolbar news ticker


One Response to “Free Custom Toolbar for your Catholic Organization”

  1. LeonVictor Says:

    I agree this steps which you say in your post. I think the Custom Toolbar will become take a giant place as a career for upcoming generation.

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