$9 Million Catholic Radio Explosion in Pittsburgh! – Three New Catholic Stations Go On-Air Sunday March 19!

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that three new Catholic stations will be going on the air in Pittsburgh on Sunday March 19!

A new Catholic radio network is about to launch on three local frequencies. WAOB (We Are One Body) will air on WAOB-FM (106.7), WAOB-AM (860) and WPGR-AM (1510). The frequencies formerly belonged to Sheridan Broadcasting’s WAMO-FM, WAMO-AM and WPGR-AM, which were sold last year.

The broadcast schedule begins this Sunday with a local Mass. A partial daily broadcast schedule, including a weekly Sunday Mass, will launch on March 19

Wikipedia reports:

On May 15, 2009, Sheridan announced that it has sold WAMO, WAMO-FM and WPGR to St. Joseph Ministries for 9 Million dollars. When the deal is approved by the FCC, the stations will all flip to a religious format. All 35 employees will be let go after the sale closes, leaving Pittsburgh without a Urban formatted outlet.[1][2] On September 1, 2009 WPGR signed off the air. It returned to the air February 15, 2010 with a live broadcast of a Catholic Mass, simulcast from the newly-renamed WAOB-FM. After its conclusion, the station announced that it will begin regular programming on March 19, with only Mass broadcasts being carried in the interim.[3]

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