Makeshift studio in the back of van keeps Haiti’s Radio Soleil on air

Georgia Bulletin reports:

Radio Soleil, Catholic radio in Haiti, is on the air — broadcasting from the back of an immobilized van. Except when staffers enter the crowded compact studio in the van, all work is conducted outdoors. The van is parked in a courtyard of an office building in a quiet part of suburban Petionville, located in the hills above Port-au-Prince. Its tires are flattened so that no one can drive off with the van and its recycled radio equipment. The popular Catholic radio station, knocked off the air by the Jan. 12 earthquake, resumed broadcasting Jan. 24. Father Desinord Jean, station director and general manager, said getting back on the air was a priority for staffers even as they mourned the loss of two colleagues who died when the station collapsed during the quake. The radio station recovered quickly because its engineer, Adonis Mendez, was in the Dominican Republic at the time of the quake and was able to find enough basic equipment to bring to Haiti. Outside of the equipment in the van, the station has nothing, Father Jean said. “We tried to save some equipment but the looters came and took everything,” he said.

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