New site to examine Christian persecution around the world

CNA Reports:

The suffering of persecuted Christians across the world will be documented in a new website. The site features documentaries, statistics, and interviews with those who live in areas of persecution. The website Where God Weeps, located at, is produced by Catholic Radio and Television Network (CRTN) in cooperation with Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).It complements CRTN’s television and radio series on persecuted Christians, also called Where God Weeps, which are broadcast by the Eternal Word Television Network.


2 Responses to “New site to examine Christian persecution around the world”

  1. ArnabAwy Says:

    I think this effort is going to be fruitful in resolving our problems with our Muslim counterparts in citizenship in Egypt.
    God bless the organized work in exposing all masquerades perpetrated against Christians particularly Copts of Egypt.

  2. Micheline Martel Says:

    Je suis très solidaire de tout ce qui se vit dans l’Église. Merci pour ce nouveau site! J’aimerais que le texte soit en français, un jour!

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