Notre Dame professor invites friends and learners into Quran Circle

A Notre Dame Theology professor leads students in study of the Quran. The group has been active on the Notre Dame campus since 2004:

For most students, reading the Quran for an hour may sound like a homework assignment. For Gabriel Reynolds, associate professor of Islamic studies and theology at the University of Notre Dame, and the student members of the Quran Circle reading group, it is an extra-curricular activity with many benefits.

Established in 2004, the Quran Circle began when a few students and faculty members met informally to improve their Arabic in addition to discussing the language and the Quran.

Today the group includes five student members, in addition to Reynolds. The group meets every Friday in Reynolds’ office in Malloy Hall. All students with at least one semester of Arabic experience are welcome to attend.

One Response to “Notre Dame professor invites friends and learners into Quran Circle”

  1. Kacey Carey Says:

    If the goal of studying the Quran is for increased insights into the religion, that is fine. If the students are praying to Mohammed during this time, that is offensive to the first commandment.and against our catholic faith,

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