Benedict and Stallone? Vatican Calls for Fr. Rambo!

Zenit reports that Archbishop Mauro Piacenza speaking in Rome said that:

A priest’s soul should have “interior muscle” comparable to the physical strength of Rambo, which is nourished with “prayer, the interior life and true motivation,” says the secretary for the Congregation for Clergy.

He added that during this year gratitude should be expressed “for a service that so many times is done in a hidden way,” and that the “first thing we must do is pray.”

“Priests at times have to row against the current,” said Archbishop Piacenza, speaking “in an evangelical sense, that is, to undertake a war, but of holiness.”

Nothing extraordinary

He invited priests to keep in mind the figure of the holy Curé d’Ars: “What extraordinary thing did he do? Nothing. He centered everything in his vocation: pastoral works, the Eucharist and Confession.”

The 65-year-old prelate noted that St. John Mary Vianney did “not have very particular gifts of intelligence,” but he “was an exceptional pastor.”

The archbishop added that the saint didn’t “get a degree in pastoral care,” and that the work of a priest is learned “with the love of God.”

Archbishop Piacenza also noted the example of St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, who offered many prayers, sacrifices and mortifications for the holiness of priests.

“She was a mother within the Carmel community. She became the guardian angel of many priests,” the archbishop said.


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