Professor Charles Rice Circulates Blistering Open Letter to Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins – the site sponsored by the Thomas More Law Society posts comments from Prof. Rice’s recent open letter to Fr. Jenkins. The Society which won the landmark NOW vs Scheidler Supreme Court cases – is now taking on Jenkins and Notre Dame in defense of the 88 Pro-Life protesters arrested on the ND campus prior to Obama’s visit.

Professor Emeritus Charles E. Rice of Notre Dame Law School is circulating an Open Letter to Notre Dame President Father John M. Jenkins in which he highlights the “deficiencies” in Jenkins recent “pro-life” announcement. We will get to that in a moment but let’s skip right to the best part — a scathing passage which comes at the end of what is an absolutely relentless, methodical 2,500-word annihilation of the flimsy and now-teetering justifications put forward by the University for sitting on their hands while the criminal justice systems grinds down on the 88 people arrested last May now facing trial for criminal trespass.

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