Fr. Robert Barron – “Post-Liberal, Post-Conservative Evangelical Catholic” – Says Happiness Comes From Self-Giving

Fr. Barron talks to The Catholic Herald about the media and his “Catholicism” TV project:

The Catholic Church, Fr Barron thinks, has been “behind the curve” with the new media in comparison with Protestants. “I’ve just started in my own small way doing it,” he says.

“I discovered almost overnight that I was the leading Catholic media user in America.”

He took what was valuable out of the evangelical tradition and added to it what he calls the “the rich artistic and intellectual tradition” of the Catholic tradition. On the website you will see articles, Scripture commentaries, and videos – dozens of them – in which Fr Barron sits in his study and chats. So fluent is he as a speaker that you hardly notice what he’s actually doing is “evangelising the culture”, as he would say, and drawing you into an elegant argument.

He surveys the contemporary scene from Barack Obama or Christopher Hitchens to the latest papal encyclical, The Sopranos – “Tony Soprano is sort of an Augustinian figure” – or the music of Bob Dylan, which he says is deeply biblical. He’s very clever and it does no harm that he seems solid. There’s nothing weird about him; neither is he a trendy try-hard.

The key thing for him is that Catholics should engage with the culture unapologetically. He’s fond of “John Paul Two”, as he calls him. “I think he was a very good example of this unapologetic but very genial Catholicism, not scolding and belligerent, but he was trying to show how attractive Catholicism was on its own terms.”

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