No Catholic Radio in you Town? Listen to Shortwave on your Car Stereo with this inexpensive converter box!

Are you still waiting for Catholic radio to come to your area? Listen to Catholic Shortwave radio from around the world with this converter box.

MFJ 306 World Band Explorer converts your AM/FM car radio into a world band receiver at the push of a button. Unlike local FM and AM radio stations that fade out after a few miles, enjoy shortwave throughout your entire trip.

MFJ-306 covers the entire 19, 25, 31 and 49 meter international shortwave broadcast bands. On these bands you’ll hear stations from all over the world at various times of the day and year including Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, America and more!

It’s simple to install. Just unplug your car radio antenna and plug it into the MFJ-306, then insert the MFJ-306 cable into your radio antenna jack and connect 12 VDC

It is small enough to fit anywhere in your vehicle.
Push button selects world band or AM/FM radio.

Connect with Catholic Radio and Catholic New Media by downloading the free toolbar at: Critical news stories like this from a host of Catholic news sources appear immediately on the CatholicRadioToolbar news ticker


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