Catholic radio reaches faithful in Kenya – CORO FM

A close look at Sunday radio program guides from Kenya shows religious programs on air on state and private radio stations. This is a shift from tradition, when these were aired by few and mostly regional religious radio stations.

A case in point is CORO FM, a local language station for the national broadcaster, the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, for which Martin Ndung’u Kamande produces and presents a Catholic program every Sunday.”The Sunday Catholic program is a five hour program, full of Catholic music and Catholic teachings and everything that entails Catholicism…

First of all, there is a prayer session, where we have prayer callers praying, and we also have the Catholic prayers and Catholic music.”This is a good sign of the religious tolerance and social coexistence needed in our world today. The Church, through the use of mass media, thus has an extra pulpit with which to pass on the “ABC’s” of the faith.”

We present the Saints and the feast days of the coming week. Between 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., we have a recorded Holy Mass–that is, we record it. And 8 to 9 we have a discussion, and then 9 to 10 is exit hour, where we have greetings, callers and some teachings of the Catholic faith.”

The program was recently polled as the most popular among regional FM offerings

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