Shaking the Dust From Their Feet – ND Alums Still Fuming over Obama Visit

The Summer 2009 edition of the Notre Dame magazine includes pages of letters from alumni and former supporters still upset and disappointed over the University’s honoring of militantly pro-abortion Obama.

One alum states:

Please do not forward ND Magazine to me going forward. I am a 1990 alumnus and am viscerally disgusted by Mr. Obama’s presence at commencement today and Jenkins’ ignorance of the Catholic faith.

Very simple — you don’t honor someone with views antithetical to what should be our beliefs and disregard our bishops’ teachings. Even Arizona State University — a secular institution — understands you don’t honor someone with a degree who has not accomplished anything of merit.

Jenkins stated in his address that he hopes all the graduates will always consider ND as home. I did up until this event today. That is truly sad as I had “indoctrinated” my 13-year-old son since he was a toddler of the wonder of ND. I had hoped to do the same with my toddler daughter.

Kerry Temple’s Chicago Tribune editorial today also shows his lack of understanding of our faith.

Jenkins’ actions have one positive result: it confirms the church is comprised of sinners, which gives us all hope.

And a fan:

I am not a radical anything. I am a 67-year-old woman married to a wonderful man who was reared in South Bend, Indiana, and is a sincere and BIG Notre Dame fan. However, our consideration of Notre Dame as a beneficiary of our wills has come to a screeching halt. It is both mine and my husband’s opinion that the current president of Notre Dame should be fired for not only inviting, but endorsing Barrack Obama’s presence and speech at this year’s graduation ceremony. Obviously, the major reason for our love for and respect of Notre Dame is its Catholic heritage and beliefs which are now in question by us and I’m sure, many others. And that’s that. We wash our hands of Notre Dame and pray others will follow suit until this fine University returns to it’s roots and core beliefs

And another:

Beyond my heart’s sickness over Barack Obama’s being honored by Notre Dame and my sincere desire to see John Jenkins removed from his position and defrocked, is my deep and abiding concern for the lack of religious teaching within Notre Dame. I know this lack exists by the response of the graduating class not only to Obama’s presence but to his speech. Religion is the only hope left for America to survive, and to see an institution such as Notre Dame fall so far is beyond worrisome. Know that my prayers are for a more faith-filled future for your university


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