Leftist ND Board of Trustees Driving Obama visit

This article at Pewsitter reviews the makeup of the Notre Dame board of trustees and concludes they are a group unlikely to rescind the invitation to Obama.  The group includes trustees with unlikely backgrounds for a Catholic Institution. Ties include Obama fundraiser Frank Clark, Pro-abortion Court of Appeals judge Ann Claire Williams who is being considerd for Sutter’s seat on Supreme Court, Philip B. Rooney a former CEO of  Waste Management who along with Arthur Andersen and Enron were indicted by the SEC in a massive fraud case, Douglas Tong Hsu chairman of Far Eastern Group and strong supporter of “reunification” of Taiwan with PRC, Dr. Mary Anne Fox chancellor at UC San Diego who just announced the opening of a new research facility where the school will cultivate and experiment on human embryonic stem cells. Others include leaders of Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs (AIG) and Dean Witter.

In conclusion, a review of the Board of Trustees at Notre Dame does NOT reveal a particularly strong Catholic identity. There are board members whose actions and associations put them in a position directly at odds with Church teaching and in line with the Obama administration. At the Notre Dame board we see a group of well-connected well-heeled individuals from all sectors of society, and at the most prominent levels. Taking a stand against inviting the President of the United States would likely jeopardize membership in the elite club where they travel. Therefore it is highly unlikely that there will be any movement from within the board to rescind invitation to President Obama.

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