Jenkins has Operation Rescue’s Randall Terry Arrested on ND Campus – Alan Keyes Call to Action

Catholic News Agency today reports that Dr. Alan Keyes announced his plans to be in South Bend, on the Notre Dame campus during commencement – and plans to be arrested in protest. Dr.Keyes indicated on Drew Mariani’s show that it was the arrest of Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry on the Notre Dame campus that moved him to action…. (Listen to Dr. Keyes on Drew’s Show here: mp3 or stream)

I will step foot on the Notre Dame campus to lift up the standard that protects the life of the innocent children of this and every generation. I will do it all day and every day from now until the Master comes if need be, though it mean I shall be housed every day in the prison house of lies and injustice that Obama, Jenkins and their minions now mean to construct for those who will never be still and silent in the face of their mockery of God and justice, their celebration of evil”He urges others to join him saying: “If this be trespass, then forgive us our trespasses and join us in trespassing until the South Bend jail is filled to overflowing with witnesses to truth.”

“I ask others who all these years have prayed and labored for the unborn to join us. I know you are there. I have broken bread with you at dinners for crisis pregnancy centers and right to life groups. I have marched with you to proclaim the sanctity of innocent life, and decry the laws that sanction its destruction. I have been uplifted by your faith, your perseverance, your love of God and His Son. The forces of evil mean to lay final claim to a place supposed to be within the precincts of our God and Lord. Come what may, we must come forth now to occupy and hold it against them,” he concludes.

To read Dr. Keyes full statement, visit:

There is a famous photo of former Notre Dame president Fr. Hesburgh standing arm-in-arm with Dr. Martin Luther King during the civil rights protests of the 1960’s. Could Dr. Keyes convince Fr. Ted to join him?



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