The P.O.P.E. Project “Preventing Obama From Proclaiming Evil” at Notre Dame

Read about’s P.O.P.E. project!  “May 17th – Our Lady Awaits – Be There!”

“But unlike Harvard or Yale, Northwestern or Southern Cal, all former Christian universities that are now secular schools, Notre Dame has the weapon to combat all heresies; namely Notre Dame herself. The modernists may have their day, but like the song says, Notre Dame will win over all. For the modern infidels to take control here, they would have to blow our Dame off the Dome, rip the heart [the Eucharist] out of Sacred Heart [Church] and lastly, rock by rock, tear the Grotto apart. And legions of her sons and daughters would willingly die martyrs before they would allow that to happen.”
–Tom O’Toole, Champions of Faith, 2001


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