Obama to Speak at ND Commencement! Time for “Evangelical Pruning?”

The Observer newspaper at the University of Notre Dame just announced that the most pro-death president in our nation’s history will be speaking at the university’s commencement this year!

Speaking as one who has received multiple degrees from ND – I wonder what has happened?  This is a place with a statue of ND grad Tom Dooley near the Grotto… a place that has a statue of Christ – arms upraised – in the shadow of the Golden Dome – with the words “Venite ad me omnes”… Come to me all you little ones… The university once led by Fr. Ted – who stood shoulder to shoulder with Dr. Martin Luther King… Dr. King’s niece now speaks around the country for Priests for Life – spreading the message that the prolife movement of today is the civil rights movement of our time…

Not long after Benedict XVI became Pope – a Vatican representative took the occasion of a visit to ND to announce that the Holy See would undertake a path of “Evangelical Pruning” of “Catholic” colleges. Perhaps now is the time.

This action to invite Obama by ND disappoints me not just for the shame (“public scandal”) brought to Our Lady’s University – but also for the disrespect it brings to the sacrifices made by my parents sending myself and my brother and sister to South Bend… Time perhaps for others to take over from those members of what Tom Brokaw called “The Greatest Generation.”

Drew on Relevant Radio wondered recently if it now is “game time” for pro-lifers… The Church after all was built on the blood of martyrs… This is the President whose “FOCA” legislation threatens to force Bishops to close and shutter all Catholic hospitals in the US. 

Perhaps  stripping ND of its “Catholic” status is another step in this battle?


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