Spiritual Warfare by Fr. Clement Machado

You can listen to a very powerful talk at 4marks.com that all Catholics should hear! The speaker is exorcist priest Fr. Clement Machado and the topic is on Spritual Warfare. In this eye-opening speech Fr. Machado talks at length about how the battle between Heaven and Hell is raging on around us, and how Satan is winning in our country right now. Between the genocide of the unborn, and the election of Barack Obama, we have grown weak and need to rise up as prayer warriors, trusting in the powerful name of Jesus, our Blessed Mother, and St Michael. This talk was given on November 22, 2008 in Chicago Heights. Fr Machado is a true warrior for Heaven who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. The talk concludes with a very powerful prayer of exorcism and healing.

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23 Responses to “Spiritual Warfare by Fr. Clement Machado”

  1. sherry Farace Says:

    Dearest Fr. Clement Machado,

    could you please tell me when you will be visiting the

    the shrine in Voorheesville new york,we really
    need to see and hear your words,and healing
    if possible. thank you for your time.

    Sherry farace

  2. Deborah Says:

    Fr. Machado will be in Auriesville, NY June 27, ’09. He will be at The Good News Center (central NY) August 28, 29, & 30 to lead a weekend-long retreat! For details about both events, contact Cindy Kuzia: (518) 725-3532 ckuzia@nycap.rr.com.

  3. Deborah Says:

    Fr. Machado will be in Auresville, NY June 7, ’09. On August 28, 29, & 30 Fr. Machado will lead a weekend-long retreat at The Good News Center (central NY). For info, and to register, contact Cindy Kuzia: (518) 725-3532 ckuzia@nycap.rr.com

  4. Michael Says:

    Hello. I know that Fr. Machado will be in Appleton this week. Is there a time when he will be able to speak one on one and hear my confession? I have not done this in many years, and I am having trouble bringing myself back to the Church. I feel that I am severely oppressed by dark forces. I thought that an exorcist might be able to help me on a greater level. Thank you.


  5. Denise den-Bakker Says:

    Dear Father Machado, Are you planning a trip to Australia. It would be great to help develop the National Association of Catholic Families to invite & have a strong & fearless speaker, as we know you are. So good to hear your talk on Spiritual Warfare. Are there places where we can access and/or play talks given by you, as a 2nd best if you aren’t coming to Australia. I know I would welcome your response and suggestions. I will always remember your visits to St. Gerard’s Dandenong, Melbourne Australia, especially when my youngest son was a baby, he’s about to turn 7 years on Sept. 16! I remember too being at Mass that you were saying when you had word that our dear Pope John Paul 11 had gone to God; a moment to always remember. May God Bless You Abundantly for all the good you do & for your Holiness, so very needed. Please keep me & workers at the Pregnancy Assistance Frankston Inc. centre in your daily prayer, if you please would. We are at the coalface with the whole lot & really need the strongest Spiritual Support. So, I think of you! God Bless & all the best, Denise & family, Frankston, Melbourne, Australia

  6. HELEN ZEHR Says:


  7. Eva Says:

    Dear Father Machado, When will you be making a trip to the United Kingdom. We really look forward to a visit from you and listening to your life chaninh homlies.
    God Bleey you Father

  8. yvonne Says:

    I live in bayridge brooklyn please inform me of your next visit please I also have experience evil spirits that bring me down lucky I continue to pray the rosary and fast on wednesday on bread and water

  9. Beverly Galtieri Says:

    Dear Fr. Machado:
    Thank you for 15 years of prayer and masses and special prayers of deliverance and for exorcising all the water, oil, medals, rosaries, statues, etc., for the thousands of people who attended your masses in the states over the years. May God bless you always.
    Bev Galtieri, Syracuse La Pieta Prayer Group

  10. Eileen Ford Says:

    Does anyone have any info regarding Fr. Machado’s itinerary? November? December? January? Anything?
    I would like to attend……even if traveling is necessary.
    Thank you.

  11. susie Says:

    please contact me a.s.a.p thank you god bless you

  12. susie Says:

    will you be in ottawa,canada anytime soon thank you god bless you

  13. Anne Marty Says:

    I would love to hear any talks that are on Cd’s.Anyone have a source of Father Machado’s talks?

  14. Linda Says:

    How do I join this tour: Fr. Clement Machado Holy Land Pilgrimage November 2010…. and what is the cost?

  15. Julie Says:

    I too would like information posted about Fr. Machado’s Holy Land Pilgrimage. What are the dates and the cost?

  16. catherine Beach Says:

    Father Machado: may God bless you with all and many Holy graces and blessings..I am truly sorry for my many sins and I desire to become a Saint. being a soldier for Christ can be difficult esp. since I don’t immerse myself in prayer, I will try to spend more time unselfish time to our Good Lord. I hope to see you soon, Oswego NY Pray for me Father, thank you

  17. Martha Trowbridge Says:

    Paul, I’ve been searching for the 4marks audio file of Fr. Clement’s November 2008 homily on Spiritual Warfare. Is there a way to access it, please? Many thanks, Martha

  18. M.M.E. Says:

    Why do you have to have “spiritual warfare”? Does not God tells us in all his writings to love others as we love God?

  19. Joe Says:

    does Fr. ever come to Maryland

  20. M.M.E. Says:

    It appears your prime desire in life is to be a saint rather than help people. Christ was against violence and hatred and anger and your CD and your presentation are full of these. Jesus taught us love and compassion and forgiveness is the way, Why don’t you follow his teachings?

  21. Jason bissonnette Says:

    May the lord protect father clemente he speaks the truth that none of us are willing to hear. Especially the rights of the unborn.

  22. Marie Wolfs Says:


  23. Mary Frese Says:

    I have heard Fr. Machado speak and he is a gift from God. We all must keep him in our prayers
    the devil must dislike him very much for all the souls he saves.

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