Catholic Radio vs. “Fairness” Doctrine.

While we sleep snugly in our beds, the wheels of politics are grinding away at our freedoms. To whit, the Democrats in Congress and the Senate are busy working to enact what they are calling the “Fairness” Doctrine. You should be up in arms about this, because if it isn’t stopped it will most likely mean the end of Catholic Radio.

As is being reported by Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and others in their party have been pushing for this for a long time. What they are aiming for is to put a muzzle on Conservative Talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Hugh Hewitt and others. They’re intending to do this by placing a set of requirements on station owners that will adversely affect their ability to carry conservative talk programming. Effectively restricting our 1st amendment right to free speech! The so called “Fairness” doctrine would require a number of things that would also have the affect of making it impossible for Catholic Radio to operate as it has been doing for the last several years.

Changes to the main studio rule; requirements that stations be subject to a local oversight committee (which sounds to me like the French Revolution) that will review whether the station is operating in a manner that benefits the “local” community; requirements that stations carry an equal amount of programs with opposing view points, and changing the license review interval from every eight years to every two years are the keynotes of the proposed changes. These will, if enacted, severely restrict our 1st amendment freedom of speech by effectively making it impossible for stations to operate.

The realities of our current Federal government make it likely that this will be the coming reality. A Supreme Court challenge is a certainty, but whether or not it will survive such a challenge is, in my opinion, in question. It is likely that the Supreme Court will strike it down, but even if it does, that may not stop the strident and powerful liberals now holding sway in our Country – both in government and in the media.

Catholic Radio is a beacon of light and truth in an otherwise dark arena – a beacon about to be extinguished or at the very least dimmed. My personal feeling is that Catholic Radio has been making itself, along with Conservative Talk Radio, felt among the powerful, liberal elite in this country and they want it stopped. And yet, to quote CCM Artist, Bob Bennett, “Still rolls the stone from the grave.” If Catholic Radio is muzzled, Our Lord and Our Lady will provide another way for the message of the Gospel to be heard. Death could not stop Him and neither will the Democratic Liberals in power today. May God have mercy on our country!


11 Responses to “Catholic Radio vs. “Fairness” Doctrine.”

  1. Kin Robles Says:

    I’m grateful for the Catholic Radio programing that Our Lord used to call me home. I’m also confident that Catholic Radio will continue. God’s voice uses many channels and we’re no longer dependent on FCC controlled distribution. Besides, the voice of God cannot be stymied.

    I wish we had more Catholic programming that focused on living the love and mercy God asks of us, and less time spent on rigid and often political viewpoints. I know what brought me back. We need more of the kind of inspiration Our Lord brings through people like Sister Ann Shields, Peter Herbeck and Ralph Martin. WITNESS that is engaging, not disengaging.


  2. Kin Says:


    I agree with you. Catholic Radio could spend some more time “ministering” to people through the openness of the Holy Spirit. Catholic Radio faces some tough challenges, but what worries me most is that beleivers are failing miserably at converting people. Our Nation’s Political elite are unconverted, in my view. We seem to be reverting to a pagan society, and in such a setting, Christians are persecuted.

  3. First They Came for the Baptists | Catholic Exchange Says:

    […] Limbaugh or Sean Hannity, you might want to look into the effect these regulations would have on Catholic radio […]

  4. T.L. Says:

    First off, God bless you guys!
    Second, I’m just wondering . . . why would they do such a thing for talk radio and not do so for our news sources (meaning the secular media)? To use the Fairness Doctrine for talk radio is laughable — talk radio is *supposed* to be biased! (Duh!)

    But for the secular news media that is supposed to inform us of the straight facts and not of opinions*, I sense a bit of a leeway here. You know what that is? It’s called responsibility to tell the truth. And that’s something that we all have to do, religious or not. Let’s just hope that we put truth ahead of us before any biases.
    *(e.g. any newspaper column that is not a commentary/op-ed!)

  5. George Penman Says:

    Right wing talk radio seems to have a lot of trouble with bothersome facts. They lie.

    For them to block, as they do, reform of our expensive, dysfunctional, error-prone, corrupt health care system is totally irresponsible. Any religion that favors such hate speech is despicable.

    Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage, Glen Beck and the other hate mongers should be simply removed from the air waves before they can incite the kind of events we saw in Rwanda.

    This is not about restoring the ‘fairness’ doctrine. It is about cleansing the air waves for reasoned dialog. The definition of fascism is the control of government by corporations. Talk radio is completely corporate. Don’t be fooled. It is not in most people’s interest at all.

  6. Steve Moffitt Says:


    You make the assertion that Rush, Hannity, Savage and Beck are not only wrong but that they lie. Do they?

    Please name one instance when Rush, Hannity, Savage, or Beck were wrong. You made the assertion, now prove it.

  7. Steve Moffitt Says:


    Journalism in America is dead. What we have instead is a news media with strong bias in favor of the democratic political machine.

  8. Steve Moffitt Says:


    Yes, what? Yes they lie? Prove it! Give me one example. Just one and I’ll concede the point. But, make sure you sight specific evidence and give me the source – if you can.

  9. George Penman Says:

    Google knows everything. Pick your shock jock add the word ‘lies’, do the search, and you will be flooded with instances. Because it is difficult to post detailed links here, my reply is at

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