Welcomes Steve Moffitt!

We welcome Steve Moffitt as a contributor to!  Steve has a broad background in Catholic media. His firm Oratory Consulting provides a variety of services to Catholic apostolates, Catholic radio stations and Catholic Ministries.  We look forward to sharing more of Steve’s posts here at!

From Steve’s own blog site:

In 1997, there were 7 full time Catholic Radio Stations in the United States. As of 2007, there were 150 with another 220 applications filed with the FCC (Huge kudos to Steve Gajdosik and the staff of the Catholic Radio Association for that number, by the way). I’m thrilled to see such phenomenal growth particularly as I see our protestant brethren, once with such a strong evangelical presence on the air, now waning or devolving into some form of watery top 40 christian count down. What is needed is good hard TRUTH! And, frankly the ONLY place that can be found is on Catholic Radio!

Catholic radio, if not thee front line of the culteral war, is so close to it that it might as well be. We, and I include myself in this even though I’ve been on the sidelines for awhile, have been given an incredible gift. No where else in the world do Catholics have such an easy time of it. We went from 7 to (potentially) over 300 in little more than ten years! That is amazing! And, the best is yet to come.

No other form of media has the reach of Radio. It’s everywhere. In cars, houses, offices, cafes, restuarants, even elevators and waiting rooms. Movies don’t have the reach, TV doesn’t, Newspapers are practically dead. So what is this leading up to? Just this, in the same way that the words of the 19th century publisher Horace Greeley inspired a generation to migrate into virgin territory, I encourage you. Go Broadcast! Get on the air! Get at this media! Go get yourself a Catholic Radio Station, or support your local one. Don’t sit on the sidelines, but get involved. Because the street corner is no longer the place where preaching is heard. It’s now on the Radio!


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