USCCB Presents a Variety of Radio Programs

The Catholic Communications Campaign of the USCCB presents a variety of radio programs:

American Catholic Radio – Explores the Catholic faith from a variety of perspectives, with an emphasis on catechesis in a popular, friendly format, with a pleasant musical setting.

Lino at Large: “Catholic radio for ‘Generation X’.” This fast-paced half-hour weekly program geared toward young adult Catholics and non-Catholics explores the beauty, excitement, and challenges of today’s world.

Catholic Bookmarks: Interviews authors from various genres and provides the Catholic Book Publishers’ Association weekly top ten bestsellers

Personally Speaking with Msgr Jim Lasante: Audio component to on-going television program of the same name that features prominent people from the worlds of entertainment, religion, politics, sports, journalism, and literature.

Catholic Radio Weekly: CCC’s flagship radio show, informs people about the good works of the Church across the country. Listeners learn how the U.S. bishops’ are addressing major issues facing the nation and the Church, and hear reviews of current television programs and movies from a Catholic perspective. 

 Tú Compañero Católico: Spanish-language, half-hour, magazine style Catholic radio program show contains music, health tips, spiritual topics and news of special interest for Hispanic families. Produced by the Redemptorists, an international Catholic missionary order.


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