New EWTN Morning Show – “Son Rise” – With Brian Patrick

EWTN’s new morning show is hosted by Brian Patrick and airs starting at 7am Eastern Time. “The Son Rise Morning Show is fast-paced, motivating and informational – always from a Catholic perspective!” You can hear Teresa Tomeo’s Catholic Connection show at 9:00am eastern time.

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4 Responses to “New EWTN Morning Show – “Son Rise” – With Brian Patrick”

  1. david barlage Says:

    I heard You this morning for the first time and I enjoyed it very much! Welcome aboard, Dave

  2. Tech yamada Says:

    I heard the show this morning, however I feel offended about the comment that was made. some priest made a remark “saying do not come to not dressed up with shorts or flip flops and hair every where. Well Father if you are so judgemental than you should not be a priest, did you mever consider the circuomstance that the person is in. Homeless is not allowed to worship in the temple. This is why the Catholics are being criticized all over. You ever think about those child molesters dressed up in church.

  3. connie Says:

    my mother always said people can dress up for court but not for chuch. Its is a shame
    how people just cann’t find a clean pair of pants or slacks. by the way who is being judgeamental?

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