The Problem of Luther’s Son

I heard an interesting point recently on Relevant Radio. In discussing differences between the Catholic church and various protestant churches – one issue raised was “the problem of Luther’s Son.” The idea being that if Luther could throw away 1500 years of Church teaching – what is the reason that those following generations of protestants would not change what Luther outlined? 

This issue has been the catalyst for a multitude of protestant ministers to enter the Catholic church. After at times years, decades of ministry – they discover the need for an ultimate authority about issues of doctrine. Members of their congregation constantly stating that these are just your opinions – why should I believe them?  Or like Deacon Alex Jones – a former pentecostal minister – discover when researching the “lost” 1500 years before Luther – that the early church was not just not-protestant – but noticeably and irrefutably Catholic in its beliefs and practices. In his book “No Price Too High” – Deacon Jones discusses his path into the Catholic Church by his  research into the early Church. He converted and took his entire congregation with him.

 Today Luther would probably not be allowed membership in a Lutheran church… Many of his beliefs would be seen as very traditional and very “Catholic” these days. For example his ideas about baptism, the Eucharist and the Virgin Mary.

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