God’s Name is Mercy! – Fr. Corapi’s Conversion Story

Father Corapi’s Conversion Story

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9 Responses to “God’s Name is Mercy! – Fr. Corapi’s Conversion Story”

  1. Ray from MN Says:

    It was announced this evening by Father Mitch Pacwa on EWTN Live that Father Corapi has recently visited the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, for cancer diagnosis/treatment.

    Nothing else was said. Please pray for him.

  2. frances Says:

    What? I listen to Father Corapi just about every morning and love him. He will be in my daily prayers. Frances Frederickson

  3. Mary Ann Kerkvliet Says:

    I thought there was a full length video of Fr. John Corapi’s conversion story. If so, is it available?

  4. Bonnie Neligan Says:

    I would like the full length video of Fr. Corapi’s conversion story. How can I get it.
    Bonnie Neligan

  5. john Says:

    you can get his full story on http://www.catholicity.com

  6. Julia B. Says:

    Want to order his dvd called “God’s Name Is Mercy”. Do you know where I can get that? Also…is he getting better? He is such a joy to me.

  7. Julia B. Says:

    Woops! Forgot one thing! If our beloved Father Corapi is not well yet……I was told it is VERY important if anyone is physically sick to go to http://www.hacres.com and click on the section called “testimonials”…and click on the specific disease you might have and read it. Worth it! And let’s keep praying for Father Corapi…..he is so dear.

  8. Jacquelin Spartz Says:

    Thanks for this great write up. I definitely liked every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked and will be visting.

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