Sean and Wendy today on Relevant Radio’s Morning Air had a great discussion with the founder of and He is a former ad executive who had a powerful experience during a retreat at his parish. In response to the Lord’s call he downsized and started these apostolates. Well known author and speaker Patrick Madrid was involved in the creation of the site. has three powerful television commercials on their site:

Epic, Movie, Testimonials

VirtueMedia’s Mission:

“VirtueMedia is a Christian values-based not-for-profit that creates and broadcasts effective, compassionate, and educational Sanctity of Life media messages, to bring about a positive change in hearts and minds.

“VirtueMedia’s goal is to encourage parents to make an educated decision to choose life for their baby, and for our American culture to support the sanctity of all human life.”

Connect with Catholic Radio and Catholic New Media by downloading the free toolbar at: Critical news stories like this from a host of Catholic news sources appear immediately on the CatholicRadioToolbar news ticker


2 Responses to “ and”

  1. Tom Peterson Says:

    Thanks for the kind words of support. ads promote Catholic evangelization ads promote the sanctity of life.

    God bless Relevant Radio and Catholic Radio Report and those who support your work!

    Your brother in Christ,

  2. chuck fortino Says:


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