Immaculate Heart Radio Jobs!

Immaculate Heart Radio has several Catholic Radio jobs posted:

Director of Development – Sacramento, CA
Chief Financial Officer – Sacramento, CA
Director of Community Relations – San Francisco Bay Area


One Response to “Immaculate Heart Radio Jobs!”

  1. Barbara Turning Says:

    I have a ministry vision for family friendly radio. Broadcasting stories, skits, fun entertainment is my mission: previously with KCBI, KOHL, currently with, Radio Sausalito and Third Coast Live Radio-Theater, Inc. I am posted on PRX (Public Radio Exchange).

    Additionally, I own numerous recorded radio sketches (“Old Time Radio Done Like New”), scripts, (such as the “Scrapperstons” or the “Dooleys” or “Adventures with Wonderduck and Bucky” or “Dick Private, Detective”) and have access to the best voice acting talent in the business.

    Schooled in the theater arts, I have taught voice and acting to children (Tarrant County’s College for Children/ Sibelius Academy of Performing Arts, University of California, Santa Cruz) and adults. I have been a director and producer for radio theater for 5 years. I am dedicated to the Biblical principles (Shiloh Bible College).

    Personally developed radio programming which has Old Timey flair, through my company outlet (Third Coast Live Radio Theater, Inc), I would be honored to be have my work considered to air or to work at developing programming.

    Please email me at :


    Barbara Turning-McCord, RN and Kevin McCord

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