Relevant Radio Is Holding “Reach Out and Respond” Pledge Drive August 20 – 26!

Relevant Radio is asking its listeners and supporters to reach out and respond in this 2007 August pledge drive. In doing so, you further the mission of Relevant Radio in reaching out to both Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

The New Evangelization is all about reaching out to the world. During his pontificate, Pope John Paul II visited 128 countries. He did not wait until the pilgrims came to him. Like his predecessor, St. Peter, he went out looking for the lost sheep. As for St. Peter and the Apostles, they could have stayed in Jerusalem- a place that was comfortable and familiar to them –and waited for the lost sheep to come to them. However, our Lord commissioned each one of them to “make disciples of all the nations.” Therefore, staying at home was not an option. They had to go out and bring the Gospel to the world.


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